Sequoyah’s mission is to develop leaders who will successfully meet the challenges of their futures academically, socially, culturally, and globally.  

Sequoyah Schools Goals

       1. Provide a stable, orderly, and controlled educational environment.
       2. Promote an environment of pride that will enhance student’s social relationships with others.
       3. Provide an academic climate conducive to success and status gain.
       4. Provide an opportunity for students to become total citizens.
       5. Provide students with an opportunity to explore careers.
       6. Provide an educational setting promoting ethnic and cultural development.
       7. Create an environment that cultivates personal self-discipline and decision-making skills.

Sequoyah Schools Creed

We, the students of Sequoyah Schools, choose to accept life's challenges.
We choose to embrace and reflect the qualities of honesty, respect, and selflessness.
The decisions we make today will affect our circumstances tomorrow.
We understand that our choices today affect the generations of tomorrow.
The future is our responsibility.
As Native American students, we are commissioned to keep traditions alive.
We are the future.
We choose success.
We choose Sequoyah Schools.
We choose-- the "School of Choice".