Faculty and Staff

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Leroy Qualls, Superintendent 
Jolyn Choate, Principal
Marcus Crittenden, Athletic Director

Amon Baker, President
Dewayne Marshall, Vice President
Roberta Gibson, Member
Jeff Limore, Member
Forman Ross, Member

Brandi Adair, Art
Phil Angieri, US History/Athletics
Janice Archer, Spanish

Alicia Arnall, Paraprofessional 
Karen Bell, Paraprofessional
Sherry Black, Paraprofessional
Rebecca Brant, Librarian
/Honors Biology/Honors Chemistry
Maxine Campbell, Biology II
Janice Carr, 7th Reading/Science/Language Arts/Social Studies
Toni Conrad, Business Technology
Lou Cummings, Counselor
Tonya Fowler, Language Arts
Don Franklin, Video Production
Leonard Freise, Science
Jay Herrin, Athletics
Chris Holmes, Cherokee                                                                                                                          Sam Horsechief, Track

Brad Jones, Native American & US History
Kim Livingston, Gifted & Talented & Concurrent Enrollment
Gerald Livingston, Social Studies
Jon Minor, Athletics/Health/PE
Lisa Chair, Math/Science
Sam Morris, Band
Shellie Neighbors, Language Arts
Elvina Nez Thompson, Math
Debra Nelson, Counselor
Amanda Ray, Drama/Speech
Shane Richardson, Social Studies/Athletics
Donna Richey, Social Studies
David Smith, Intro to Computers, Networking, Humanities, Music Appreciation
Theresa Smith, Language Arts
Jeff Turtle, Health/Athletics
Debbie Yandell, Exceptional Education 
Shelly Walker, Business Technology
Shirley Webb, Exceptional Education Coordinator
Heather Williams, Language Arts

Mary Campbell, Special Assistant to the Superintendent
Karen Dodge, Registrar
Stephani Rutherford, Receptionist
Jonetta Johnson, Administrative Officer
Brenda Ogden, School Nurse
Tonya Soap, Student Records Assistant

Laura Henson, Director
Stanley John, Driver
Ellis Little, Driver

Daniel Christie, Driver

Genie Bear, Food Service Worker

Jenny Bolin, Food Service Worker
Pat Castillo, Food Service Worker
Retha Catron, Food Service Worker
Steve Jones, Food Service Supervisor 
Pearlene Flute, Lead Cook
Deena Johnson, Administrative Secretary
David Pumpkin, Food Service Worker
Charlena Richmond, Food Service Worker
Rosie Rossignol, Cook Foreman
Jeff Vann, Food Service Worker
Norma Yahola, Lead Cook

Rodney Barnett, Plumber
Donnie Birdtail, Maintenance Technician
Doug Bryant, Grounds Technician

Rickie Caviness, Custodian
Mike Christie, Grounds Foreman

Buddy Clinton, Maintenance/Construction Tech
Paula Coiner, Custodian
Bryan Crow, Maintenance Director

Dale Fixin, Housekeeping Supervisor
Joshua Gritts, Custodian
Shelia Hughart, Administrative Assistant
Larry Masters, Director
Russell McCarty, Construction Tech

David Mouse, Custodian
Joe Shade, Construction Tech

Catheena Washington, Custodian

Student Services Office
Carol Young, Dorm Administrator
PollyAnn Makarka, Administrative Officer
Counseling Staff

Mary Chanate, Chickasaw/Creek Hall Residential Therapist
Chickasaw Hall
Louise Carr, Lead Residential Assistant
Pat Cameron, Residential Assistant
Thelma Leach, Residential Assistant
Amanda Little, Residential Assistant
Susan Palmer, Residential Assistant
Debbie Chanate, Residential Assistant
Creek Hall
David Stand, Lead Residential Assistant
David Dry, Residential Assistant
Jerrod Hammer, Residential Assistant
Charlie Wildcat, Residential Assistant
Recreation Hall
Sam Horsechief, Lead Recreation Specialist
Tammy Wildcat, Recreation Specialist

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