Well Respected Women

             The Cherokees are a matrilineal society.  Many Native American tribes are as well.  This means that women are involved in the decisions of their society and are well respected.  They are a big part of the Native American society and they take part in the important positions just like men do.

            The Cherokees have always had women as teachers in their educational institutions.  Miss Alice F. Wilson was the much respected and revered superintendent of the Female Seminary for many years prior to Oklahoma statehood.  The Male Seminary had a few female teachers in those early years and the Cherokee Orphan Asylum had as many or more female teachers as there were male teachers before the Federal Government took over operation of the school in 1914.

            The first known female principal in our school’s history was Miss Maude Parker.  She started as a teacher and eventually became the principal during part of the 1940’s under Mr. Jack Brown and then superintendent from 1924-1956.  Other female principals at Sequoyah include Nadine Givens, Florene Cain, Gina Stanley and our current principal, Jolyn Choate.

            The superintendent’s position has been filled by several women during its long history.  Just take a look at the senior panels in the hallways and you will find more than one woman in the superintendent’s job. 

How many women have filled the superintendent’s job at Sequoyah?  What graduating classes have had a woman as their superintendent according to the senior panels?  Name the female superintendents and what senior classes graduated while they were superintendent.


Dr. Gloria Sly – 1996 to 1998

Gina Stanley – 2004 to 2009

Rita Bunch – 2010 to 2012