They Gave Their All For Us

On Monday, November 11, 1996, Veterans Day, the unveiling of the Sequoyah Veterans monument was held along with a ceremony.  The Sequoyah Veterans Memorial Monument was to honor the veterans who attended Sequoyah and then served in the military.

The Sequoyah Veterans Monument was a project lead by Alumni George Cameron, class of 1952.  George’s drive for this monument began in the early 1990’s after he completed his book, “Sequoyah Orphans Training School.”  Cameron and six other Sequoyah veterans formed a committee to search for names of former students who had served in the military.

The monument consists of maroon granite panels that the names are inscribed on.  At the base of each panel are granite pieces with the words “America Indians Believe Keeping Freedom Visible Forever” on them.  On top is a panel with a cross, inscribed with the word “Freedom.”

 A large piece of granite with the inscription of John 15:13 from the Bible was placed leading up to the monument by the flagpoles.  The verse reads: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

In order to qualify for having your name included on the monument, the students must have attended Sequoyah for at least four and a half months, must have served in the military for 90 days or longer and have been honorably discharged.  Members of all Indian tribes are eligible as long as they meet the above requirements.

Names of 326 Sequoyah Veterans were found by the cutoff date for the engraving process to begin on the panels.  Additional names were added to the monument after the unveiling ceremonies as more names were found.

At the unveiling, George Cameron was absolutely thrilled to announce that the $14,000 cost of the monument had been met.  The entire amount was met through contributions and gifts, mostly from Sequoyah Alumni and veterans.

The Sequoyah Veterans Monument is dedicated to all former Sequoyah students who served in the armed forces.  This monument will serve as a permanent honor and reminder of the service they performed for their families, their tribes, their country and you.

Listed on the Sequoyah Veterans Monument are names of Sequoyah students who were Killed In Action (K.I.A.) from the various wars and conflicts.  List the names of each of the Sequoyah students that were killed in action as they are presented on the Sequoyah Veterans Monument.  


There were 22 Killed In Action (KIA) listed on the Sequoyah Veterans Monument (1 listed towards bottom of panel #6 due to name summited after initial engraving of names)

Those KIA include: World War II: 1. Jack L. Brown Jr, 2. Lee Atchico, 3. John Bender, 4. Sam Charles, 5. Fred Lowery, 6. Anderson Littledave, 7. Claud Nix, 8. Jimmy Kingfisher, 9. Virgil Parris, 10. Wilson Vann, 11. Wadie Miller, 12. Charley Pritchett.  Korea: 13. Maxie Tiger, 14. Charley C. Bunch, 15. Donald Cox, 16. Amos Fixico.  Vietnam: 17. Edward E. Christie, 18. Henry W. Webster, 19. Joshua Peters, 20. David Bruner, 21. Robert L. Blackfox, 22. John Ingram