Running for Gold

            Have you ever earned a trophy for something you’ve done?  Teams, as well as individuals win trophies for doing something better that those they are competing against.  Schools have trophy cases lining the hall of the school building as well in their gym.  Sequoyah is no different. Some trophies are for participation in an event but the ones schools truly strive for are those coveted gold State Championship trophies in the various sports and academic accomplishments. Sequoyah Schools has earned participation trophies, 3rd place trophies, runner-up trophies and those hard-earned gold Championship trophies.

            The Sequoyah Indian Cross Country team has the most State Championship trophies of all the other teams competing from our school.  Coach Rex Sumner began the Sequoyah Cross Country teams in the early 1960’s.  Teams that ran under Coach Sumner earned their first team championship trophy in 1964.  They earned back-to-back gold championship trophies by winning again in 1965.  Coach Sumner and his Cross Country team earned their third Gold trophy in 1969.

            More State Championship Cross Country trophies were earned under the direction of Coach Sam HorseChief.  In order to win a State Championship, you have to first earn the trip to the Championship race.  Under Coach HorseChief, the Sequoyah Indian Cross Country team has earned their place in the State Championship race for an amazing twenty-nine (29) years in a row.             And they are not done.  With plenty of running and hard work, the Sequoyah Indian Cross Country team should extend that streak to thirty (30) next October.  The Lady Indian Cross Country teams have earned the State Championship trophy twice under Coach HorseChief.  Sequoyah has multiple individual State Champions too for both boys and girls from over the years, as well as runner-up trophies.

At many cross country meets, when the other teams see the Sequoyah Indian’s bus pull up, they groan, knowing the competition is on!


Even though the 1964 and 1965 trophies are not on display with the other championship and runner-up trophies in the new gym, the rest of the team trophies are on display there.


How many State Championship trophies have the Sequoyah Lady Indian and Indian Cross Country teams earned since they began competing in the early 1960s?  What years did they win them?


Lady Indians – 2 State Championships; 1992 & 2005

Indians – 9 State Championships; 1964, 1965, 1969, 1993, 1995, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006