Returned to the Scence

Do you realize that all the employees here at Sequoyah went to school somewhere when they were younger?  We don’t often think about the adults in our lives as having been young and going to school just like you are doing now.

Every student that leaves Sequoyah, whether they graduate or leave for other reasons, go on to other things.  Some of them go to college, the military, vocational training or they go into the job market.  You see them all over the United States and even in the world for some in the military.

We have Sequoyah graduates working all the way from Washington D.C. such as Jeremy Marshall, class of 1998; to San Jose, California such as Nathan Stanley, Class of 2008; to Florida such as Cleve Baker, class of 1991; to Santa Fe, NM such as Kenneth Johnson, Class of 1984; to Tahlequah and the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council such as David Walkingstick, Class of 1999.

Over the years, we have had Sequoyah graduates who returned to Sequoyah Schools as employees.  Several were in administration or were teachers while others worked in the dorm, the cafeteria or for facilities.  They came back and gave of themselves to the students of Sequoyah.

Our school board has several Sequoyah alumni which include Board President Amon Baker, Class of 1948; Member Forman Ross, Class of 1955; Member Roberta (Springwater) Gibson, Class of 1961; and Vice President Dewayne Marshall, Class of 1979.

There are currently Sequoyah Alumni working as employees here at Sequoyah.  They include: Karen Bell (Class President), Mary Campbell (Class Salutatorian), Larry Masters, Amanda Little (Class Salutatorian) and Charlie Wildcat.

What year did each of the current Sequoyah Alumni listed in the previous paragraph graduate?  If you check the senior panels in the hallways, they are all there.  


Karen Bell – 1997

Mary Campbell – 1977

Larry Masters – 1974

Amanda Little – 2005

Charlie Wildcat – 1983