Do Numbers Hold a Special Meaning?

            In many cultures, certain numbers hold a special or significant meaning to that culture.  Sometimes a specific number is seen as bad luck too, like the number thirteen to some people.

            The number seven has special meaning and is held sacred to some in the Cherokee culture.  George Cameron, Class of 1952, held this belief.  George was the driving force behind the design and building of the Sequoyah Veterans Monument at the front of the main school building.

            George Cameron was a Para-trooper during the Korean Conflict after graduating from the Sequoyah Vocational School.  Unfortunately, George had a terrible parachuting accident and was crippled for the remainder of his life.  Even though he was disabled, he continued to support education, even serving on the School Board of a local dependent school.

            George never forgot what Sequoyah meant to him.  He came to the Sequoyah Orphans Training School after his mother died and stayed until he graduated.  Many of his siblings, nieces or nephews, and grandkids attended and graduated from Sequoyah.  His love for the school run deep and he followed Sequoyah every chance he got.  In the 1990’s, George wrote a book titled, “Sequoyah Orphans Training School” about his experiences and times while attending Sequoyah.  Shortly after writing his book, he began working on the Sequoyah Veterans Monument project and saw it built and unveiled here on campus.

            In designing the monument, George wanted to show his Cherokee culture and the sacredness he felt for the number seven.  He was able to do this in several ways in the design.

Locate and identify three ways you can find the number seven directly used in the design of the Sequoyah Veterans Monument?  

Answer:  7 panels; 7 words surround the monument; 7 letters in each word; Freedom (cross) has 7 letters